Friday, November 8, 2013

Surprising Yourself

It seems like horses were put in their Earth to prove us wrong, to make us believe and finally, to light our hearts.

I had previously mentioned about mine and Suzie's trail riding woes and how I, admittedly, was becoming slightly fearful whilst trail riding. In the mornings prior to riding, I'd find myself nervous with anticipation and already assuming the worst. The ironic thing is, Suzie has never been downright dangerous on the trails in a long, long time. We've made progress in leaps and bounds and I couldn't be happier, and today was no exception.

I truly believe that each and every time you ride a horse, you are either training it or untraining it. It is the riders responsibility to not only ensure there is progress, but to know how to achieve that progress. And believe it or not, trail riding is just as important as schooling in the ring.

Today I was fluctuating back and forth between riding Suzie or hand walking her. Initially, I had intended to take her to an open field to lunge and ride, but it has been raining on and off all day and I didn't feel like having her slip and fall on the wet grass. So, I parked the truck at my BF's mothers house (two houses away) and walked to where Suzie is and ho and hummed. The BF had taken my car to work, which has my helmet and most of my riding gear in it...

But, I wanted to ride.

So, I threw Suzanne's halter and lead rope on and we trail rode in the rain and you know what? She was fabulous.

I love this little mare more than anything in the world.

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