Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Realizing Old Age Doesn't Equal Fragile

At the beginning of owning Suzie, I always felt like I had to tip-toe around her, like she was this breakable and possibly crippled being. 

In hindsight, what I had done was created a mare with her own ideals and behavioral arguments at my every request. No, she wasn't a monster, she was just merely taking advantage of every and all "escape" I gave her. Admittedly, I had babied her and turned her into a spoiled red mare.

And really, though, who could say no to that face?
It took me a long while (and an insistent friend) to realize the error of my ways. No, my mare wasn't dangerous or physcotic, but she would do things just for the heck of making it difficult for me. So when I started treating her like a horse, she became responsive to my requests.

With Suzie being a twenty year old, I often struggled with schooling her adequately or even making her really WORK for me. But when she started flipping me the bird, I found myself getting a bit more up in her face, demanding a bit more of her instead of letting HER call the shots. We found a happy medium, and she is now not only a resilient little girl, but a happy worker.

She is my heart, soul and my captivation.

It's funny how horses teach us so many things, and reminding us that we don't have it altogether and that sometimes we mess up. I am both happy and thankful for my little opinionated mare in bringing me "back to Earth" and keeping up my horsemanship. I have always been a softie for animals, but there is a great divide between being kind to your hard-working horse and spoiling a naughty horse. I have learned the difference with great success.

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