Thursday, November 14, 2013

All is Well, All is Quiet...

Things have been pretty quiet for the most part. I've been more or less a bad horse mom and haven't visited my dearest Suzie for two days and I feel completely awful! So, tomorrow I will be going to see her and spend some well deserved time with her - and that I look forward to immensely! I have been itching to head out for a trail ride and I think (weather permitting) we may just head out for that ride after all tomorrow.

Suz is all settled in at her "Winter Digs" and couldn't be happier. I think she is annoyed with the 3 year olds she is penned with, but is respectful to them and isn't a bully, which is good. I know she misses her old friends, but come Spring she will be reunited with them once again.

BF says tonight the snow is flying, so tomorrow may only be a hand-walk through the slippery snow or a careful jaunt down the back roads. Whatever the case, it'll be nice to see my little red-head!

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