Saturday, December 9, 2017

Some of my Favorite Things

While I don't necessarily review many things on my blog, I thought it would be kind of cool to showcase some of the items I've come to love over the years. As equestrians, everyone has their specific tastes in certain areas, and I appreciate being able to look at other honest reviews before taking the plunge in something (especially something expensive).

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite things:

Affordable and functional!

Shedrow Quilted Cotton Pad

Canadian bloggers will recognize these - they're a basic cotton saddle pad that come in a plethora of colors. Supplied by the famous equestrian outlet store, Greenhawk, they are probably one of the most budget friendly pads out there. 

My grey/plum/white Dressage pad.
What I love about these pads is their ability to stand up to some serious abuse (like not washing them) and the fact they are well cushioned. Some pads feel very flat against the hand, but these feel "fluffy" and certainly have some depth to them. I have three Shedrow pads - two dressage and one a/p. The blue all purpose pad I purchased nearly four years ago and have had the black pad/green for just about as long.

At $20 - 40 per pad (depending what style you get), they are hard to say no to.

My blue/white AP pad. I've had this one for about
four years now.

Canadian Horseware Co Blankets

I have blogged about these blankets before here. They still are my go-to blanket and I have owned two blankets from Horseware for about 5 years now. The stitching on the insulated rainsheet's gusset was ripped (thanks Annie) but was easily fixed and none worse for the wear. These blankets wash up so easily and I just love the way they fit.

They also come in different styles - they have both the high necks and detachable neck styles should your horse's conformation not fit the high neck style.

Suzie modeling the insulated rainsheet a few years ago.
They seem to change up their fill weights a bit because my one blanket was purchased with 100g of fill almost five years ago and now they have 160g fill as their lightweight option. Thus, my only complaint is that they only have three blanket varieties - non-insulted (rainsheet), 160g (lightweight), 300g (heavyweight). I emailed the company a few times, begging for other weight options, because I'd love to have a 220g that actually fits Annie.

New styles come out every year, which also means the previous year's stock becomes discounted! I haven't ever paid full price for these blankets before, which is nice. They range from $99 - 179.

Annie, wearing the 100g insulated sheet.
You can see how much higher the shoulder gussets are compared
to Suzie's blanket.


NagBag Hay Nets

I bought my hay net used on the buy and sell almost two years ago and it's held up surprisingly well. There is the unfortunate hole here and there, which I repair with twine or the replacement string, but for the most part I'm quite happy with my purchase.

Placing the roundbale in the bag is completely do-able alone, although it is easier to have a second victim person. 

I have found with this net there is much less hay wastage and my horses are able to graze 24/7, which is important to me. It did take some tweaking to get things just right and I recommend placing the netted bale in some kind of containment because as the bale gets smaller, the horses will walk on the net and pee on it (ask me how I know) and also due to the safety concerns of having horses with shoes on.

I designed it, the Boy just made it happen.
My biggest complaint is cleaning it - to scrub it and set it on the fence to dry is a pain in the ass. Or maybe I'm just weird because I clean my hay nets?

Used they typically sell for $120-180 depending what shape they are in.


These are the Ice Fil tights, which I have in this
exact color.

Kerrits Tights

I took the plunge after a few friends had purchased some of the Kerrits tights and Riding Warehouse had a sale. Since that day, I've added two more pairs to the collection and attempted to add two pairs of cross-over breeches*. 

For the tights, I absolutely love them. The Ice-Fil tights are my favorite pair and I love them so much I even rode in an October clinic in them, despite the fact they are for the middle of summer.

I LOVE these tights.
I am not huge on tucking my shirt into my breeches because #thatbellytho, so I love breeches that have a wider waistband. I never really considered tights before, but am glad I got these. They are figure flattering, are more than affordable, and stand up to all kinds of abuse (I pick poo, scrub troughs, bathe horses, etc wearing them!). The pockets are an added bonus, because it doesn't mean I have to carry a little backpack for my phone when I ride and can keep my tracker apps running because I can easily stop/pause when I need to.

Terrible photo, but these are the Flex Tights II.

* As a "buyer beware", the Kerrits tights and cross-over breeches are NOT sized the same. If you are a size L in cross-over breeches, opt to size up to XL for the tights. I purchased two pairs of XL cross-over breeches, as I am size XL in tights and found that they were WAY too big. Upon returning them (which cost an arm and a leg to ship from Canada back to the States), I opted to purchase another pair of tights instead, as Riding Warehouse did not have the colors I had wanted in the cross-over style.

The tights (top) and a pair of cross over breeches (bottom).
Both are size XL.
The cost of the tights/breeches is up to you, really. If you wait until the Spring line up is on sale, you can get them at pretty decent prices. For sake of argument, you can get the tights and/or breeches anywhere from $30 - 189.


They come in all kinds of colors too!

Safe-T Tie Breakaway Horse Tether

I purchased these after Annie's trailering issues and used them quite religiously during that process. There is one in the trailer that is constantly used in addition to the velcro trailer tie with quick release snap. 

While I have never had one of these tethers break open, I felt immediately more secure tying Annie knowing that if serious shit hit the fan, she could break free. The Safe-T Tie has the ability to be "set" at various "levels" - the more grooves you lock into place, the harder it will be to break loose. I always used it on it's "highest" setting, as I felt the tether should only break under extreme pressure (such as in an emergency situation).

You can barely see it - but the safe T tie (pink) is there!
Still, a piece of twine will still get you by, but I like that these are hardier and reusable.

A pair of tethers cost $8.95.



When I saw Suzie had thrush a few years ago, I took to the internet to see what the best thrush-busting medicine was out there. Color me surprised when I saw the cow mastitis medication "Tomorrow" touted as the cure all.

I bought a box of syringes from Jeffers Pet and have used the box of 12 for the last two years with great results. I loved that they came in syringe-like tubes which made it easier to reach down into the cracks and get to the base of the thrush. I typically would shove a piece of cotton into the opening as well, to keep the medication close to the source.

If you live in a wet climate (like me) and battle thrush, I highly reccomend this product! It's a bit pricey, especially to ship, but it lasts for a very long time and really does work!

A box of 12 syringes costs $32.


Comfy Fit Harness

I know this won't apply to a lot of my readers, but if you are looking into driving and getting a harness, I highly recommend the Comfy Fit! I have reviewed this harness before on my blog and I still love it! The fact it's biothane might weird people out at first, but I promise you you get used to it and end up loving how ridiculously easy it is to clean.

The price varies, depending on the size of your horse and what types of additions you make to your harness. A basic miniature harness will run you about $900 - $1,000, and they are still one of the more "cheaper" high end harnesses out there. Well worth the investment, since these harnesses last for years.

Still our favorite!


Sore No More Poultice

While I don't use poultice often, I found it incredibly useful during times where the horse's dinged themselves or grew a puffy leg overnight. The ability to just slather the clay on and leave it was a huge selling point for me and the results were just icing on the proverbial cake. 

I have had the same tub of SNM poultice for almost two years now and will always be carrying a tub in my first aid kit. 

A large tub (5lbs) of this magical clay will cost about $30 depending on your resources.


Three Tier Saddle Stand

The Boyfriend purchased this stand for me two years ago for my birthday - it sits in our hot tub room because I feel like it's too pretty to be at the barn (lol). I'm not sure what brand it is. During the winter, the racks are usually full of horsey stuff, as I typically bring things home to protect them while the barn tack room is under freezing temperatures. 

It's a super cool stand - if you have the room. I know a lot of riders have little tack lockers and such, which is great, but I love this stand! It's super sturdy and has a lot of substance to it. Each saddle tier (except the bottom) swivel so you can offset each saddle instead of stacking them one on top of the other. The bottom has a peaked grate that you can set saddle pads on to dry and the back side has two hooks to hang bridles.

While it may not be space-saving for a rider who boards, it was such a welcome addition to my situation. When we build our barn and set up the tack room, this will be one of the first things to go into it!

I found one online for $69, but I feel like the BF paid more. 


The fun thing about blogging is being able to share our resources - these "review" posts are ones I gravitate towards, especially as a amateur rider on a budget. While I know a lot of these items may be things you already own, feel free to add some of your favorite things in the comments (or better yet) a blog entry!


  1. I have a lot of the same loves as you- the saddle pads, blankets etc. I have been eyeing the safety ties and the Kerrits. I think I need to go try some on.

    1. I noticed Carmen was wearing a Horseware blanket in your one photo the other day!!

  2. Good reviews. I love the Kerrits Ice fils. I also wear them all the time even in the winter because they are so comfy.

  3. Where do you get the safety ties for 8.95? Locally they are $17 for one!

  4. I've been wondering about that poultice! I think I'll have to bite the bullet and actually buy it.

    1. I love the poultice!! It's so easy to use and if you aren't savvy enough to wrap (or cannot confine them to a stall with wraps), you just slather it on and leave them!

  5. We share the same favorites...those saddle pads last forever, as do the blankets. Both mine lost their waterproofing this fall, but I really can't complain because they've lasted 2.5 and 3.5 winters at this point without any other issues. I feel like kerrits sizing is all over the map...Ive previously reviewed my 10 year old pair of tights that I cannot kill, and they're a size M. I also have a fleece lined pair in L and a softshell pair in xl and they all fit the same!

    1. I was curious to hear if we had the same taste - I knew you loved Kerrits breeches so I had an inkling you'd love some of the other products too, haha.

      Super weird about their sizing... it's kind of frustrating having to order them and return them due to the size differences.

  6. Those shedrow saddle pads are becoming my addiction. So many colours and I seem to be collecting them all. I have never seen those safe-t ties and would love to have them for my trailer. Great reviews :)

    1. Aren't they? I love mine! The next step is to get the Wisteria pad in white for showing because it's so pretty!!

      Glad you enjoyed the reviews :)

  7. That tomorrow stuff is amazing! My farrier recommended it years ago, and I love it.
    Thanks for sharing about the Saf-T-ties. I've been thinking about getting some, but so far have stuck with twine for now.

    1. I was super impressed with the Tomorrow stuff - it has worked better then any other thrush treatment I've used!

      And you are so welcome!

  8. Sore No More poultice is some of my favorite too

    1. Yes!! Your blog is actually what pushed me to try some out!!

  9. Thanks for the post about the Safe T Tie! My baby horse doesn't crosstie yet and after ripping one out of the wall I want something better. I know there is another brand but they want like $20 for one so I've just avoided tying