Sunday, October 1, 2017

September Recap/ October Goals

September Recap

Good, speckled pony.
Sidenote: her hoof looks terrible in this picture. Rest assured it isn't,
the camera did something tricky.


  • Continue trail riding! Hooray for the open wilderness. Huge success with trail riding this month! Unfortunately tho, not much huge success in a few of my other goals.
  • Tie her in random and unfamiliar places. (This is just to touch on her antsy behaviour at the trailer during the BVX. I will note that she has never been that antsy before and it progressively got worse as the show went on. It's something we have addressed at home and at the horse trailer, but will be something we address in new and random places just to get her thinking more). Continuing to work on the tying alone thing too, and she has gotten better. Good baby.
  • Work on the variations of each gait (collection and extensions, I mean slow and fast). Does the walk count? We've played around with this during our trail rides, but it's primarily been at the walk.
  • Find an eggbutt and snaffle with a lozenge to try out. She seems fine in her French Link, but I promised her if she was a good baby at the BVX she'd get some goodies lol). I got her a fancy copper snaffle with a lozenge and... she is not a huge fan. She isn't as soft in it as she is in the french link. I'll try her in it again when we school and see... but I guess if it ain't broke, don't change it?
  • Groundwork 1-2x a week; desensitization, ground driving, possibly pulling something? Yup! Loads of rain and a crazy work schedule has meant we've done quite a bit of desensitization. She also got hot shod for the second time and was a really good girl (aside from trying to pull her legs away during the initial nail hammering).
  • Transitions! I am guilty of not doing nearly enough transitions during my rides - something I need to do more of if I want to get her more solidified to my aids and honest to my leg. This one is meh. We did do a TON of transitions in the very few schooling sessions I had this month, but not nearly enough to really call this goal "completed".

Needing to get back to this <3


  • I didn't plan out any goals for Spud last month, and it's probably a good thing because I've literally done nothing with him. Oops.

October Goals

This picture makes me happy and sad.


  • Continue schooling and trail riding where daylight allows. Unfortunately, the season is ending and once we accumulate snow, Annie will be off for the rest of the Winter. It is just too dangerous to haul once snow flies.
  • Anthony Lothian Clinic - I only signed up for one day due to work, but figure that's better than nothing!
  • Kathrin Maxwell Dressage Clinic - this is tentative... there is some stuff that will be going on during this timeframe and I'm not sure if I can make it work. We'll see.
  • Possible Dressage show mid-October, following the clinic.
  • Saddle Fitting consultation - try to source a saddle that will work for both of us.
  • Veterinary work-up (float and vaccines).

I've been catching these two together more and more now.


  • Start being ponied by Annie again.
  • Veterinary work-up (float and vaccines).


  1. hey you have goals at least. I have goals to get goals :) LOL great job on meeting the goals you did. YES let's set some goals for Spud cause i absolutely want more photos of you driving him. SO CUTE!

  2. Eh, I find it really easy to just write down goals - sometimes I forget what I've even written lol. Or, sometimes I tweak my goals because I focus on XYZ instead.