Saturday, September 9, 2017

Not According to Plan

This year I had big plans for Spud. After his solo debut at the BVX last year, I was eager and antsy to get him into a regular show schedule and clinic him as much as possible. Unfortunately, none of my plans came to fruition for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason, and probably the most obvious, was that I purchased a new riding horse and devoted a majority of my time to her and her progress. Second to that was the BC Wildfires, which prevented 80%+ of the proposed events I had anticipated entering from taking place.

Driving in BC this year has been pretty lack-luster – the majority of driving competitions and clinics are held precisely where the BC Wildfires are spreading out of control. Our area, which typically gets 2-3 driving clinics a year, has had none.

So while that is unsettling, I can’t really be frustrated or too upset considering a lot of people are losing their homes and livelihood due to the devastation. In speaking with a fellow competitor from last years BVX (she also organizes the Driving in the BVX), she had mentioned getting a lot more clinics going for our area. It sounds like there are quite a few “newbies” who are interested in joining the driving world and a few people who are replacing their previous driving horses who will be looking to re-enter the scenes. 

Being a good role-model.
Competitions and records aside, I am just tickled with my fat little pony. He continues to amaze me in ways I never thought possible and is very easily one of my favorite horse's to work with. He can have that pony-attitude, but he also emulates an aura of calm and willingness that I firmly believe has transferred over into Annie. I threw him into the deep end this year, asking him to be a strong and confident leader for my baby horse and he eagerly and proudly met me half way.

I still remember when I got him. He was THICK, awkward, and very potato-esque. He lacked a lot of self-confidence, was terrible to catch, and was afraid of a multitude of things (including, but not limited to: fly spray, the hose, me raking up manure beside him, throwing flakes of hay into the hay box…). He was green as grass, but had the foundation thanks to Trainer C, and even though he went through a brief rearing phase (wherein I threatened selling him, lol), he has come out the other side as this suave and savvy little prancy thing.

Me: "Don't touch the water bottle."
Spud: "I'm gonna touch it, lol."

And while it is disappointing things didn't really pan out the way I had anticipated, it also serves as a life lesson in disguise. I am already looking forward to next year's season with my potato and all that it has to offer us.


  1. He's the most adorable potato!

  2. While I'm sorry your year hasn't shaped up the way you hoped, fingers crossed that next year will be better for you both! Spud is such a cutie ☺

  3. I love Spud! What a cool pony he is.

  4. He's like a cat in that last photo! "I can't help but do the touch!"

  5. omg he is adorable and just so cute to look at. And you drive him? HOW CUTE. I want to steal him and put him in my back yard :)

    Every mini i have met has that tude so i think it is so funny to see different variances of it! :) He is adorable.

    1. He is such a good guy :)

      And yes, I drive him :) We had a super fun year last year haha.