Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Body Work

As I had mentioned in my previous post (before I had disappeared from the blogosphere), Annie was scheduled for a chiropractic appointment. I don't typically use this person, as it can be very difficult to get a booking with her and also due to schedule conflicts. Since she only works out of certain barns when she is here, it also means I have to add in the time it takes to trailer to and from.
"I've been here before BUT I FORGETS."
I typically use a woman who travels from barn to barn, but have found that this other lady is much more thorough, and does more adjustments throughout the entire horse vs just the spine and neck. I was curious to see what she would find in Annie, especially since she had been adjusted prior this year already.

Unfortunately, since it was a couple of weekends ago, I don't really remember all the logistics of the appointment, but I do remember some snippets, so here is a brief run down of what I do recall:

  • Annie was mostly out in her hind-quarters and shoulders, which was attributing to her stiffness on the left rein, and her inability to obtain the right lead. A few adjustments made Annie very uncomfortable, but she stood through the pain and let the body worker do her thing, which was nice to see.
  • Her hocks were both tight - something to note, as she will sometimes do a weird "stabby toe" impression in her hind leg when she is tired. Body worker said her hocks were tight "for a horse her age". I haven't mentioned it on the blog before, but it basically feels like she is stepping down and then steps down even more on that leg. It is more noticeable after a work-out. After having multiple people look at it, is to be determined if this is a strength thing, a "needing shoes" thing, or she is just not going to be cut out as a riding horse her entire life. Both hind legs are littered with scars, so it may not be impossible that later down the road she is going to become unsound? Something for me to chew on.
  • Fetlocks were tight in one front and both hinds.
  • As the appointment went on, Annie became more trusting of the body worker and actually would push certain body parts at the lady to "show her" where she wanted to be adjusted next. It was kind of neat.
  • Hips were uneven - one was rotated forwards and one rotated backwards. This was causing a short-stride in the hind end and again played an integral role in her inability to obtain her canter lead.
  • Body worker said Annie's knees are fused. Of course, I don't really know how accurate she can be with just touch, but I am ignorant to that kind of thing.
  • Body worker said Annie has A LOT of filling out and growing to do. Mentioned that she wouldn't be surprised if Annie didn't really "grow up" until she was 6 or 7.
  • Annie would need 3 days off after her adjustment and body work lady wants to see her again for a follow up appointment in August.
  • Not related directly to the appointment, but Annie loaded and unloaded like a pro :o) 

It was a really enlightening appointment, and I certainly saw the difference in Annie's body, especially her hindquarters where the one side was hitched up. Comparing her walking gait before and after was interesting as well, as she definitely moved more freely after the appointment. 

I have always been a large advocate of body-workers, simply because I have seen the results. I know a lot of people are not convinced it works, but it does take a long time to find a GOOD chiropractor and someone who knows what they are doing. It is certainly something I will continue to add into my horse's wellness regime, as I have seen just how beneficial it can be.


  1. It's always nice when you can see immediate improvement after a body work session! Glad Annie had a positive experience and hopefully she is feeling better ☺

  2. Yay for being a good girl in the trailer! Also...I remember that barn from way back when - I rode there a little and always thought the log posts were sort of cool :)

    1. I think she's a confirmed traveler now :)
      The log posts at Copperside are really cool!!

  3. My horses all love the Chiro. I agree with you that it totally works too. Mine always move better after an appointment.