Monday, June 5, 2017

Questioning of Sanity

The Boy and I are back from visting my parents on the Island - we had a wonderful trip, spent wayyy too much money, and are happy to be back home. The horses were well-behaved during my absence and are none worse for wear.

The three amigos.
The day before our trip I did some work with Annie, despite the fact I really did not have time to be messing around with the horses and still had a bunch of things to pack. But, such is life and I did some in-hand stuff (which included walking over a tarp) before deciding to clamber on bareback to toodle the neighborhood. Because why not go bareback on your Baby Horse for the first time literally hours before your vacation?

This does not amuse me.
I was pretty happy with her behaviour, as she hadn't been ridden in 3 days or so - she stood at the mounting block quietly and didn't move off until I told her to, and not a single jig or fast-step was seen. She meandered quietly on a buckle rein, like an old plod-along pony.

So many smiles
So fucking narrow.
 The bareback ride itself was SO FUN- I had a hard time balancing because its like riding a fucking pencil. Annie also wasn't so sure about me wrapping my legs around her and tentatively sped up once or twice when the pressure got too great. So I mostly worked on my balance while still wrapping my legs around her and increasing the pressure little by little. She seemed to understand by the end of it that I was trying to hang on vs telling her to go faster.

I celebrated by sending about a million snap-chats to friends during my ride and ended with a walk over the tarp a few times. We ended up stopping completely on the tarp and I dismounted from there.

When we got back yesterday morning, I was already itching to ride so I called up N and we arranged to meet up for a quick ride around the neighborhood. Being sleep-deprived from only getting 4hrs of sleep the night before and being stiff and sore from being stuck in a vehicle for 16 hours, I wasn't the best rider I could be but oh well.

''You literally JUST got back. You couldn't, like,
give me a treat first?'' - Annie, probably.

Annie was good to be tacked up aside from her weird snortyness to me tossing a saddle pad on. She's done it before, so I usually just desensitize her with it as I do it and am under the hopes and belief it will just get better with time. She doesn't react violently to it, but snorts and will move away. Other than that, when I went to mount she tried to tip her haunches from the mounting block and she got a smack for that. She stood quietly after.

The ride itself was good - much better than some prolonged absence rides I've had on Suzie lol - it took her a bit to get settled into a slow walk and we had about 5 minutes of jiggy behaviour before she listened. I wasn't really surprised she was a bit more uppity than usual - she had been off for 10 days at this point (with literally no training being done during that time... in hand included) so I cut her some slack and rode the horse I had.

She did her weird ''I'm gonna go into heat now'' thing with AJ again and other than trying to stop when he stopped and following him on her own, she was good. I had to tap her with the whip at one point because she wanted to stay stopped beside him.

''I have many feelings''
When we parted ways, she was good. A bit more theatrical than usual, but she didn't really do anything bad or dangerous - just trotted a bit and tried to turn around. She was good after a few steps tho and we even trotted a bit on the road home.

So all in all it was a win - I was curious to see how she would do with being left to her own devices for 10 days and then pulled back out to be a riding horse.

The next week or so will be used to re-instill some manners and little things but I don't think it'll take any time at all to get back to that Happy Place and then pick up where we left off. Hopefully I'll have some time to actually school in the arena soon, it has been almost two weeks since we did any form of ring-work! And sometimes I get anxious that I haven't been in the arena as much as I hoped I would've (and because we still strugglebus hard with the canter), but then I think that all this trail riding and road riding is just as important for her. Plus, if she can keep her beans in her helmet for a toodle ride around the road, the ring stuff will come just as easily (right?.... RIGHT!?).

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  1. Welcome back. Riding bareback before a vacation? how could that go wrong? LOL

  2. How fun to go on a bareback ride on your baby!

  3. "I have many feelings"

    Mares in a nutshell 😂😂😂

    1. I honestly have no idea why I picked another mare, lol!!

  4. She's coming along if that's all she did have so much time off. She seems to have a sweet personality!

  5. Glad to see smiles on the bareback ride! That picture of her with the tarp is adorable too.