Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Post In Pictures

Because: Lazy.

Also because: There is only a finite combination of words one can use to basically say "We're still learning things" when it comes to Baby Horse Life.

Trail rode to the Ground with friends last Thursday.

Apprehensive, and possibly annoyed ears having to
stand away from her friends.
She was really good and only sucked into them a few times, but otherwise
went to work and we even trotted alongside a friend and whatnot.
I was pretty pleased with her.
The ride didn't stop there tho, we went on Annie's first
official trail ride! Naturally, she had to be first.

Unfortunately, she also came out of Thursdays ride in
full flaming heat (thanks AJ).
Spud was pretty interested in Annie, but Suzie?
Suzie was disgusted.
Lovebirds for all of 15 minutes.
The next day we did a ride around the block.
Annie was good, but took quite a bit to settle into the ride.
By the end she toodled around on a loose rein, so win.

Another ride to the grounds with N and AJ (and Spud).
She was really good - she plodded along on a loose rein to and from the grounds
much more nicely than a few days prior. We got our bad lead
quite a few times too, which was nice. I have a video that N
took, but because of the way the sun was, you can't see us in the shade sooo... yah.

Spud went for a handwalk around the block - he was
less than enthused.

This past Tuesday, Spud and Annie were hauled to the grounds.
Mare did good - took a bit to settle in and get to work but
once she did I was really happy with her. (I wonder if this
is because we usually hack to the grounds vs trailer there?)
She had a few naughty moments wherein she attempted a little hop in the air
when I asked her to back up, but we worked past that and I got some good back ups from her.
We also worked on TOH, TOF, some trot "lengthens" (more like fast trot across the diagonal
and slow trot on the short sides), leg yielding at walk and trot).
Sidenote: why does Spud touch everything I tell him not to?!

^ The video was taken at the end of our ride, and we are both quite stiff and sore. She is bulging out with her shoulders in this - I was too tired to really correct it and she thought she should be done... so. You may notice how dreadfully deep the arena is -_-, it should be getting fixed soon (I hope!).

Woke Spud up yesterday morning - sorry bud.
Took Annie for a solo ride around the block (when I say around the block
its about an hour ride) and she was SO DAMN GOOD. She usually jigs or
walks reallllly fast for a few blocks but she only did it for about 1/4 of a block
and plodded along on a loose rein. Good girl!

Yesterday afternoon I brought Spud into town to visit my 94 year old grandma and
do some endurance type work with him. After finding out the tire tube was popped and
having to go buy a new one and replace it, we got quite a bit done.

This morning - Spud showing me how much he hates his muzzle.
Don't worry, I tie it with twine so it did exactly what it should've done
if he got hung up.

Old lady Suzie had a spa day and got to eat grass in the front and unfenced
pasture while I did chores.


  1. That's quite the week. Spud looks so cute going around town. I want a ride.

  2. Sometimes when you're that busy, a post in pictures is even better than words! Looks like you've been super productive and the baby horse is coming along nicely :)

    1. There is just so much to say and not enough time to say it lol

  3. glad everyone's doin well!

  4. Annie seems like such a good egg, I love your snaps of her! :)

  5. Sounds like a really great week. (: