Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spud Does Birthdays

Birthday ponies are real special creatures. 

Birthday Spuds? They're fucking phenomenal.

A well-placed balloon.
I had been putting some drives on him (and my friend who was visiting from Calgary drove him a handful of times while I rode or hand-walked Annie). Ironically enough, I was out riding Annie while my friend was driving Spud and a woman who saw us go by stopped me and introduced herself before asking about the possibility of me bringing Spud to her daughter's 1st birthday. She also knew my name, so I'm thinking quite a few people know Spud.

I didn't hesitate to say yes, but strictly enforced all the kids to be wearing helmets due to the fact I don't have insurance to cover me should anything go awry.

This woman was actually really good friends with another person I am friends with - so I felt pretty comfortable with the whole situation.

A friend of mine was also there, who is also a
budding photographer.

Hilariously, the people live just down the block from the horses so I just carted over. Since I would be leading the kids in the cart, I decided there was no time like the present to drive sans blinders and sans bit (I've driven him sans blinders before and it ain't no thang).

As usual, he was a total gentleman and enjoyed every second of being surrounded by kids (maybe because they are just his size?).

Kid friendly? Uh, yup.
It's funny - I forget just how far he's come in the last two years. Two years ago I would've politely declined and carried on my way, but this guy just keeps getting better and better. It gives me a lot of hope for Annie and makes me appreciate where I am in my journey with her. I've had set-backs with Spud, and Annie is no exception.

Waiting for horses to blossom can be frustrating, but it's so worth it.

His little ears.
And speckled eyes.
And muzzle.
Oh lawd <3