Monday, March 13, 2017

When the Pony Becomes the Ponier

This is what happened two days ago.
With the weather not being able to decide what it has wanted to do, I've spent more time cancelling horsey-plans than making them. In the past three weeks I've cancelled: 2 riding lessons, a teeth floating appointment for Annie. Oh, and the farrier cancelled this past weekend due to the weather and him being sick.

So that's been frustrating.

Couple that with working nightshift and an unfortunate family loss, and time with ponies is just not viable (and when it comes to family, pony play-time can wait). 

So when the sun peaked out and I had the afternoon clear, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Current body shape: Potato-esque.
I feel ya, Spud, I feel ya.
 I got Spud ready first and decked out in his all turquoise gear before lugging Annie out and introducing her to the cart. She sniffed deeply at it a few times and when I walked around the driveway with her, she spooked when one of the cart tires touched her leg. For a young horse who has probably never seen anything quite like it before, she took it all in stride and even paid careful attention to where she was in relation to the wheels (probably because they tried to eat her earlier).

We didn't go for too long considering the sides of the roads where we normally ride weren't plowed due to the snow and it made things a bit tight when vehicles tried to pass.

Aside from being super proud of how Annie handled everything, I was beaming with how Spud acted. I didn't really expect any less, but there is just this air of seriousness about him when he's hitched. A good friend of mine made a comment back in August when she first met him and it has really struck a cord with me. She had been watching him in the paddock before the wedding and during the tacking up process and finally, watched him being driven and remarked, "He really takes his job seriously, doesn't he?"

And I've said it a few times on this blog - he is such a shithead sometimes but as soon as that harness gets put on, he is SO game. When I first started driving him two years ago, he felt so insecure and wormy. It's really neat to see such a huge change in his character and how confident he's becoming - it makes me excited for Annie.
 Initially, Annie was like "Do I... do I walk with you or do I walk with the cart lady?"
And then she kept sniffing him like "Hey. Hey. Hey. What are you supposed to be?"
For the drive, I held onto the reins and that was about it - he listened to voice commands and just powered on even when Annie stopped to look at a dog, crept up and kept sniffing his neck, and even when we stopped to get apples from a really nice neighbor-lady. I was too busy checking Annie to make sure she wasn't getting too close to the tires, wasn't getting too far ahead, and watching the dogs (who were playing with a neighbor dog all. over. the. fucking. road.).

If you are wondering what Suzie was up to while we motored
She was still eating when we returned and this is the face she
gave Spud when he got too close.


  1. Wow- that was great for Annie. I love the video of his adorable pony butt going down the road. :)

  2. That's so cool! Dual purpose workouts 😀

  3. That's so cool that you can take them out together like that.