Friday, March 24, 2017

Four Years of Suzie

Circa 2013
Four years ago today I welcomed a certain red-headed mare into my life and heart. But today isn't just a mark of celebration for having owned Suzie - it is also a huge mark in my equestrian life - the day I became a first-time horse owner.

I remember dreaming about the day I would finally have a horse to call my own.

About all the fun adventures we would have, and all the memories we would make.

And this is what 4 years of adventures and memories looks like:

One of the first conformation photos I ever took of her, 2013.

One of many bridleless rides, 2013.

A week after I brought her home, 2013.

Our first undersaddle ride, 2013.

Trail riding, 2013.

Third or fourth ride on her, 2013.

Not even four months later from the above photo, 2013.

Ground-tying, 2013.

When we only ground-drove because she was a fucking
physco to trail ride, 2013.

Being cute, 2013.
Winter, 2014.

Meeting Tally, 2014.

Pony rides for the nephew, 2014.

Bath and clip, 2014.

Playing at the kids park, 2014.

Conformation shot, 2015.

At the new barn, 2015.

Blowing raspberries, 2015.
Reining clinic, 2015.

BVX 2015

Hunter classes, 2015.

Vet visit, 2016

Sleeping with Nifty, 2016.
Mash face, 2016.

Summer, 2016.

Her favorite rider, 2016.
Suzie's BFF #1 and BFF #2 (creeper), 2017.

Four years doesn't seem like that long, but it truly seems like I have owned Suzie a lifetime. She is a mirror of my fiesty-self, and a testament to the old adage "Hell hath no fury like a chestnut mare".

I learned (and continue to learn) so much in the years I have owned Suzie - and I have made many mistakes along the way. She has been both patient and kind with my shortcomings and I can only hope I have made her proud.

When I had brought her home four years ago, I knew she had had a life of short-term homes and not so patient owners. Never abused, but certainly shifted around more times than her AQHA history admits.

I made her two promises on the long 16 hour haul home:

1. She would never have to fear being rehomed ever again.

2. I would love her endlessly... forever.

Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Suzanne.


  1. It's also Carmen's and my anniversary! Ours is 2 years. Happy Gotcha day!

    1. Woohoo!!!
      Happy Gotcha Day to you and Carmen :)

  2. Happy anniversary! Love the photos through the years.

  3. Aww <3 this! You and Suzie have a very special partnership and so many excellent memories!!

  4. I cannot love this post enough!! <3

  5. You have taken such great care of her. The pics from the beginning to the end show so much improvement.

  6. Aww, so sweet! Happy gotcha day!

  7. Happy four years! And to many more!